4 Reasons Why Police Officers Wear Uniforms

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Why are uniforms so important for law enforcement? Can’t they just wear regular clothes like detectives? Well, some detectives do wear uniforms but the ones that don’t are usually because a uniform would be inhibiting. It’s hard to blend into the crowd and do surveillance when you’re dressed in blue from visor cap to police boots. Here are just a few reasons why a police officer should and does wear his uniform, police boots and all, when he is on duty.

To Deter Crime
When someone sees the uniform of a police officer nearby, they are a lot less likely to try and commit any crime that may or may not have been premeditated. There was an interview conducted with an individual that had been hiding in a large space under a shelf, planning to rob the place but after seeing the tactical boots that the law enforcement wears, decided to change his plan. He was only caught because he came out from the shelf and was seen on camera and the officer arrested him. They could not hold him because he never actually stole anything. It’s for things like that, that policemen wear uniforms. However, the downfall is that since he didn’t commit the crime he had intended to, he couldn’t be charged. That means he’s free to go and commit the crime at another place or at another time. But then again, that’s what under cover policemen and security officers are for.

To Be Identifiable
A policeman needs to establish his presence and stand out from the crowd. If someone is scanning an area, looking for help, they’ll need to be able to quickly spot a police officer. A stranger’s appearance can reveal many things. Clothing is incredibly important to people; it shows them information about their background, sexual orientation, status, authority and occupation. A police uniform identifies the wearer with their profession as well as their precinct. It’s important to be able to recognize a policeman when they come up to you. Most people are taught to respect the uniform, so if it approaches someone, they know that they need to be respectful, courteous and even helpful when necessary. This is why everything down to the comfortable work boots need to be cleaned, polished, starched and ironed.

To Convey Authority
People associate the uniform with a position of authority and power. When someone dons a uniform, they are thought of to be in control, educated and worthy of the position, for the most part. That is why it’s so important for policemen to try and live up to that expectation, no matter what it takes. This is also why it’s crucial to have comfortable uniform and police boots. A policeman is thought to be in control so if he’s limping around and messing with his law enforcement boots or tugging at his uniform, they won’t look very professional. Same goes with showering, keeping hair presentable and generally looking socially acceptable.

To Promote a Safe Feeling
Test subjects were interviewed and almost all of them agreed that when there is a police man in their midst, they tend to automatically feel a lot safer and more at peace even if they are not in a particular good area. Because of this, a policeman constantly has to be on the ready. Anything could happen at any time and he doesn’t want to be caught with his police boots off. People often have a subconscious level of trust for police officers, meaning that seeing one will induce feelings of safety and feeling secure. However, if there a ton of policemen around, the opposite will happen; people will begin to feel uneasy and wonder if there is something unscrupulous going on that they are not privy to which will then make them wonder if they are in danger. But, one or two police officers walking the beat will help put people at ease.

There is a psychological attachment to a uniform, be it a police uniform, a bus driver, a security guard, a waiter, a fireman or more. If you wear a uniform you are associated with your origin of work so make sure that you upholding the standard that you have been trained with.

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