4 Tips for Choosing a Comfortable Boot for Work

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Comfortable boots may seem like a luxury, but for some they are a requirement in order to properly do their job. Finding the right pair of boots which also meet company and state requirements can become daunting but it is necessary. Employees spend approximately $70 per year on foot protection, meaning finding the proper fit and comfort level should be important. Follow these tips to find the right boots for you.

Determine Your Needs

Certain requirements mean you should find a specific pair of work boots. If you are not familiar with your company standards, then speak with the HR department or your boss. Ask whether there are certain OSHA requirements regarding work boots for your company. Determining the type of boots that you need will save you time and possibly money when it comes to buying them.

Perfect Fit

Determining the perfect fit is vital when choosing comfortable boots for work. If you boots do not fit properly you will not have comfortable work boots. Take time to try on your boots and ensure they fit properly and will properly protect your feet. Boots that are too small can cause toe cramps and boots which fit too big can cause foot blisters. Make sure you wear the socks you will be wearing to work, and make sure the laces are snug enough to keep your foot in place and prevent it from sliding. Comfortable boots you plan to work in should be flexible by the ball of your foot. There should be ample toe room, approximately 12.5 mm from the front of the boot.

Boot Height and Material

Determine if certain material is required for the job you are performing. Some workers will need waterproof boots, while others will need leather. Some workers need shorter boot heights while others should have higher boot heights. If you don’t need tall boots then the added material could make the boot heavier so if you do a lot of walking and don’t need the heavy material opt for lighter material. If you work outside during cold periods insulated work boots will be beneficial for the cold winter months, however you should opt for a different pair during the summer time. Deciding these things before purchasing comfortable boots for work will make choosing the right boot easier.

Check Padding

Many workers are required to remain on the feet for long periods of time, which means comfortable padding could be the difference between a good work day and a bad one. Padding should support the arches of your feet while providing ample padding to the bottom of your foot. Typical people walk an average of 10,000 steps per day, but those in certain professions such as construction can walk as many as 30,000 steps. Proper support for all those steps is vital.

Comfortable boots for work are not just an expense they are an investment. They not only protect you and your feet from accidents, they provide comfort throughout the day to let you properly do your job. Do you research, try them on and make sure the invest in the right pair of boots that are comfortable, meet all requirements and will last.

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