A Look At The Growth Of The Designer Fashion Industry

From Martina Spetlova to Henrik Vibskov, the industry of high fashion has been climbing in popularity and in the level of success for many years now. High fashion, like as seen in the products created by the Martina Spetlova brand, has been an influential force in the United States for many years. And now, with the demand for textiles such as articles of clothing higher than it ever has been before, this industry of high fashion continues to grow and succeed, from the fashion houses of Martina Spetlova to Charles Jeffrey.

The market for clothing in general, high fashion or not, has itself increased immensely. In fact, the total ecommerce fashion revenue has already reached a total yearly revenue of more than four hundred and eighty one billion dollars. In the next few years, by the time that we reach the year of 2022, which is now less than four short years away, the fashion industry will have reached a total yearly revenue of more than seven hundred and twelve billion dollars through ecommerce and online sales alone, let alone through the purchases made in their brick and mortar stores (or other physical locations where their clothing is sold). Part of this simply has to do with online shopping and overall ecommerce, which has opened up a world of products and fashion, from Martina Spetlova to Mykita Gold, to more new consumers and potential customers than ever before. Now, more people than ever have access to high end textiles and luxury clothes like the innovative designs of Martina Spetlova, and, even more than that, they can purchase them with just the click of a button. And overall, the number of people who will become customers of the fashion industry itself is also climbing. Again, by the time that we reach the year of 2022, the total number of customers of the high end fashion industry in the United States and around the world is expected to reach over one billion – and will continue to climb in the years after as well.

Part of the growth of the fashion industry, and particularly the luxury fashion industry that Martina Spetlova is a part of, can be attributed to the fact that people simply own more things (including articles of clothing) than they did in the years past. For instance, a woman living in the United States in the year of 1930 was likely to own, on average, only around nine or so total outfits. Currently, however, that number of outfits has climbed all the way up to thirty, meaning that the average woman in the United States will own a separate outfit for every single day of the month. And the typical family living in the United States also spends more on clothes, as much as one thousand and seven hundred dollars every year for the typically sized family unit of America.

The high fashion industry in particular has shown a marked growth in recent years. As one example, the sales of luxury goods have been climbing nearly three and half percent with each passing year in recent years – but this percentage is expected to skyrocket and grow exponentially over the course of the next ten years. And there are likely to be more gainfully employed fashion designers than ever before as well, with the number of fashion designers likely to grow by nearly five percent (three percent to be more exact and precise) in the span of the time between the year of 2016 and the year of 2026, a period of time that encompasses just ten years – a single decade.

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