Botox Steps to Take Before and After

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Botox is arguably one of the best wrinkle treatments, as it shows results that are almost instant, and don’t need a constant skin rejuvenation regiment. But Botox treatments can leave your face covered in red spots, temporary bumps, or even dark bruises. If you are looking into taking Botox treatments, or any other deep wrinkle treatment that involves injecting a substance into the skin, here are a few ways you can prepare for the procedure and make your skin look and feel the best it can.

Most dermatologists suggests that you stop taking any medication that may affect the Botox treatments at least 10 days before you go in for your appointment. This includes any type of aspirin or ibuprofen, or any medication that is used as a blood thinner. This helps decrease the chances of bruising. Before the procedure, make sure to get plenty of rest, and allocate enough time afterwards to ensure the proper recovery. The procedure itself should only take a few minutes, but it’s best to push all plans back to make sure you can recover as quickly as possible.

There are a few steps a patient should take after their Botox treatments to avoid facial bruising, as well as to make sure that the treatment will last as long as possible. Try to avoid planning any events for the previous day, and avoid any extraneous activities such as exercise. Avoid rubbing the injection sites, which can irritate the skin. Stretching your facial muscles will help the process go smoother, so facial exercising such as frowning, smiling, puckering, and raising your eyebrows should be practiced.

If your Botox treatment causes severe burning, redness, fevers, cold sores, or other complications, it may be a sign of an infection or other complications. Contact your doctor if you experience these, or any other strange side effects you were not expecting after your Botox treatments.

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