Choosing The Flooring For You A Few Tips

Patchwork cowhide rug

There is more to flooring than what might initially meet the eye. While it’s true that flooring constantly remains underfoot, this doesn’t mean that people don’t notice it. And certainly, while keeping your floors clean is a top priority, many don’t take into account how much personality can be expressed through flooring. The fact is that floors are just as much a part of your decor as furniture or painted walls. Just as you do with furniture and wall colors, you have many different styles and options to choose from when it comes to flooring. You could choose anything from a hardwood floor to a chevron patchwork rug; but certainly, one type of flooring won’t send the same message as another, and what you choose should depend on a number of factors. As much as we’d all like to rely solely on our own creative processes, you need to take into account some practical matters when choosing your flooring type and style. Carpet just so happens to combine practicality with creativity — which may be one of the reasons why 51% of the total American flooring market is dominated by carpet. Below, we’ll look into the advantages of using carpeting and rugs, and why some types might be more suited to your purposes than others.

Carpets And Rugs: The Basics

While carpeting can be attached to a floor on a more permanent basis — or not — rugs tend to be smaller. The disadvantage of this, of course, is that a rug doesn’t necessarily cover every inch of the floor. The advantage is that not only do rugs have a potentially greater variety, with more creative designs — as is the case with chevron patchwork rugs — but they’re easier to move as well. This makes replacing a rug a simpler process, which is why many homeowners favor rugs over all other types of floor coverings. Certainly, you want to keep your carpets or rugs looking and feeling as good as possible. Take advantage of the fact that they’re easy to replace, and keep them clean and up to date. By refinishing floors or replacing outdated flooring, you can increase the value of your home by up to 102%. You may not think that you’ll sell your home right now, but should you someday end up selling, you want your floors looking great. This brings up the other advantage of rugs — they protect the flooring beneath.

Unique Rugs: Getting Creative

How you view chevron patchwork rugs may depend on your taste. While once considered highly unique, chevron patchwork rugs have since risen in popularity after being embraced by many homeowners. This is what has led many on the hunt for the next creative rug — with lots of people coming to prefer cowhide leather rugs. These rugs are truly unique, but at the same time have a rich history. They’re just now beginning to penetrate the mainstream. A big deciding factor in the fineness of your leather rug is its thickness, gauged in ounces. It can vary in .05 ounces above or below the specified thickness. Prior to the manufacturer splitting the hide, its thickness is usually five millimeters.

Cowhide Leather Rugs: The Care And Keeping

There is more to keeping a cowhide leather rug than what might initially meet the eye. After all, it is leather you’re working with, and it requires a certain level of care. It can be difficult to keep any kind of rug from staining — but you can treat those stains. Simply make a mixture that is 5% vinegar and 95% water, soak a rag in the mixture, and dab it onto the stain. A gentle cleaning should do the trick. Should your rug begin to curl along the edges, placing the curling parts under thick books for one to two days should help. These simple fixes cost little, and can stretch the life of your rug for the long term.

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