Does Your Sporting Team Need New Custom Apparel?

Team polo shirts custom

The family was ready for the first college gymnastics meet of the season. Their daughter, a freshman on the team, was excited about her first year of college team competition. She was even more excited when she found out that her Dad would be attending her first meet, even though it was across the country in Utah. The icing on the cake was the surprise shirt her dad was wearing when he showed up for the meet. With her last name on the back and the team logo with the Women’s Gymnastics lettering on the front, the maroon colored custom printed polos looked great. So great, in fact, the rest of the team members and their parents wanted to order some as well.
Whether you are looking for custom workwear or custom team shirts, the best t-shirt design companies can offer most of the major sporting brands. Decorated apparel, in fact, is an $8 billion industry. A polo shirt, also known as a golf shirt or tennis shirt, is a dressier shirt with a collar, a placket with typically two or three buttons, and an optional pocket.
Custom workwear or other kinds of personalized apparel are great ways to unify athletic teams and work teams alike. Even local grocery stores see customized apparel as a way to celebrate the local college team while at work, as well as promote the store’s support of a local charity at the same time. Custom company shirts can create a unified presentation whether you are a grocery store employee, a school staff member, or a team of volunteers joining together for a good cause away from the office.
Many custom t-shirts are so loved that they remain in closets and dresser drawers for years. In fact, nine out of ten Americans own at least one t-shirt they refuse to throw away because of sentimental attachment. Additionally, 62% of us claim to own more than 10 t-shirts in their collection.
Since their creation in 1920, t-shirts have grown into a $2 billion market. A visit to any local high school or sporting event provides all the evidence needed to convince most people that t-shirts may just be America’s favorite apparel.
So what will you be wearing to your son or daughter’s next sporting event? Will you be wearing the standard team t-shirt that all of the other parents and siblings ordered, or will you start a new trend and create your own customized shirt to wear to the next game? Custom workwear and personalized team wear are definitely choices that can help you make a statement.

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