Finding Waterproof Bed Linens

Waterproof bed sheets and mattress protectors are a must for anyone suffering from incontinence problems or from conditions that cause excessive sweating, like hyperhidrosis. The popular YouTube channel 5bestpro shows you how to find the best waterproof linens.

Although waterproof bottom sheets and mattress protectors are available online and in stores, you need to be sure they are machine washable. If you suffer from skin allergies, then you need to choose bed linens made of hypoallergenic material like cotton terry, bamboo, or polyester.

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Many waterproof bed linens are made of vinyl. Some people, especially those with sensitive skin or that get migraines from strong smells, need to choose linens that are vinyl-free.

Along with waterproof bed linens, you need to get a waterproof mattress protector. Look for one that is non-skid, especially if you move around a lot in your sleep. Some mattress protectors come with added benefits you may want, such as protection against bed bugs or allergens.

You need to place the entire mattress protector around your mattress and then zip it up. If you cannot lift your mattress by yourself and live alone, you should look into alternatives to mattress protectors, such as using disposable bedpans or even thick towels that you can wash every day.

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