Having Trouble Matching Your Watch with Your Suit and Tie?

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Classic menswear, as Hiras, a bespoke clothing company, writes, has made a huge comeback in the last couple of years. It’s almost like we’ve flashed back to the 40’s and 50’s — men aren’t satisfied with a pair of dusty old jeans and a t-shirt any longer; like their grandfathers, men of today want to look dapper and exude class wherever they go.

While the tie, a well-tailored suit, tie-clip, and shoes are all crucial parts of a gentleman’s ensemble, the most important part of any man’s attire is his watch. Whether luxury wrist watches or the most stylish mens watches on the market, men’s timepieces need to be both aesthetically pleasing and practical. If you’re a 21st century guy looking to capture that classic style, here’s how to find and wear a watch that captures the essence of debonair.

Three Tips for Choosing and Wearing Mens Dress Watches

  1. Don’t Be a Cheapskate
  2. As AskMen.com correctly points out, there are watches and then there are mens dress watches. You don’t need to buy the top-of-the-line watch to find a timepiece that exudes quality and will last you for years, but that doesn’t mean you should be looking for something in the bargain barrel either. Skeletonized watches, available at a number of price points, are known for being great to look at and durable, meaning you get a great looking watch that will last.

  3. What Color Shoes Are You Wearing?
  4. You’ve undoubtedly heard the rule that your belt needs to match your shoes, but did you know you should match your watch with your shoes? According to About.com, the same rules apply. A black leather band should be worn with a black belt and black shoes. This one is so simple that there’s no excuse for ignoring it.

  5. Formal Goes with Formal
  6. Put This On, an ongoing series looking at men’s style, writes about the importance of matching the tone of your watch with the tone of your setting and dress. If you’re going to a business meeting with a bespoke suit, make sure you put on your best matching timepiece. You shouldn’t be wearing your favorite running watch while simultaneously sporting French cuffs. Formal goes with formal, informal goes with whatever you like.

Mens dress watches are the most important accessory you can wear. After all, as GQ writes, a great watch ties everything together, while giving you that classic, Bond-like style. Follow these guides to get that dapper Don Draper look you’ve been looking for. Check out this site for more.

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