How Digitizng Your Photographs Can Help Preserve Your Precious Memories

Picture slides

Have you considered taking your old photo albums and pictures that have been lying around the house for years, and converting them into digital images? You don’t even have to choose between the two formats, you can keep your photos and slides and digitize them. Digitizing your photos and slides has many benefits. Digital images are easier to share, provide a reliable backup, and can be used for all kinds of fun projects. When you’re ready to digitize, you want to trust your precious memories only to a professional image scanning service, for the best results.

Benefits of digitized photos
Why digitize? Photo digitization helps you to preserve and share your memories. We’ve all seen it happen – pictures from our favorite vacations and family events slowly discolor with age and even in the best photo albums, begin to show signs of wear. Photographs and slides are also vulnerable to all kinds of mishaps and damage.
When you digitize your photos and slides, you’re preserving your precious memories in their fresh, original form. Digital formats make it easier to share your photographs with family and friends, and to create fun projects like online photo albums, family trees and more. Professional image scanning services give you back your precious memories, in an easily accessible format. With a few clicks, they’re on your computer, tablet or phone screen.

What’s your most precious possession?
For almost one out of four Americans, their most precious possessions are their family photographs. A survey found that 24% consider their family photos to be their most valuable documented piece of information, believing them to be more important than their Social Security cards and birth certificates.
Researchers have also found that women are twice as likely as men to value family photographs and to say that they are the most valuable documented piece of information they possess. But even though they consider family photographs to be their most important form of documented information, more than half of the parents surveyed haven’t done anything about preserving these carefully. A survey of 250 parents found that 52% said that they haven’t taken any steps to preserve the photos and videos of their children.

Preserving your photos and videos
Preserving photos and videos for your children is an important but often neglected task. In fact,
44% of parents who participated in a survey said that they have trouble finding photos and videos of their children sometimes. And 47% of the parents in the same survey hadn’t really thought about how to share the photos and videos of their children when they are older.
Image scanning services provide the answer to both these concerns. By scanning your photographs, they can help you to preserve them. Scanned photographs are easy to share across a variety of platforms. Image scanning services can digitize photo albums, making the pictures easy to access, share, and use in different ways.

Picture scanning services can do a better job of scanning images than you could by yourself. Professionally produced digital photo albums can help you preserve and share memories across generations. While digital albums may never replace real photographs, they provide backup, as well as a handy format for sharing and creative projects.

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