Need Fun Gift Bag Ideas? Here’s the #1 Item Used in Gift Bags This Year

School t shirt fundraiser

There are tons of events that come with a complimentary gift bag, from elite red carpet affairs to your daughter’s eighth birthday party. While you don’t want to blow through your entire event budget on a goodie bag, you also don’t want to waste your money on items that will only end up filling the nearest trash can your guests decide is far enough away not to offend you.

So if you need fun complimentary gift bag ideas for weddings, birthday parties, school fundraisers, or any other special event, here is the number one most popular item you can use to fill up your guests’ swag bags…

Custom Printed Apparel

The simple fact of the matter is this: Americans love custom T shirts screen printing and all other manner of personalized apparel. And we promise — your guests will love wearing them, too. Not only do fully 95% of Americans wear T-shirts, but an incredible 90% also own one or more old T shirts they hold onto solely for the nostalgia factor. It doesn’t matter how faded, shrunken, or even pit-stained that old T shirt becomes, we all have a favorite shirt taking up space in our dresser.

So if you’re putting together a gift bag, then give your guests personalized apparel they will be sure to wear again and again. You can personally design custom made sweatshirts, design your own hoodies, and other custom printed apparel online for free. Screen printed T shirts are perfect for school fundraiser T shirts, children’s birthday parties, 5K races, out of town guest gift bags for weddings, and more. Even celebrities design custom printed apparel for their VIP award show after parties.

And you don’t have to stick with T shirts either. Not only can you design your own hoodies and sweats, you can also design custom hats and custom embroidered polo shirt for truly original gift bag items. This year, give your guests the gift that keeps on giving every time they take it out of the closet. Custom printed apparel will help your friends and family remember the best night ever, and the only thing better than free stuff is free personalized apparel. So if you need more fun gift bag ideas, design your own piece of clothing to gift your guests.

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