Tacori Design More Than Just Beauty

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In the world of diamond engagement rings and diamond jewelry, Tacori is well-known. Their attention to detail and fusion of classic styles with modern techniques has brought them to the front of the pack when it comes to high-quality jewelry. But there’s more to the Tacori story than just beautiful rings.

Tacori is a world-leader in platinum ring design. Not only is platinum an eye-catching metal, but it’s stronger than gold. Platinum Tacori engagement ring settings offer an inherently more secure fit for your diamonds, with less maintenance required. Platinum is also a “non-reducing” metal, since scratches and polishings don’t actually remove any metal — they simply slide it around. A platinum ring will maintain its exact weight for its entire life, no matter how many dents or scratches it incurs.

Tacori engagement ring settings are constantly pushing the envelope of design, whether fusing styles, updating old ones, or trying entirely new concepts. Even with so relatively recent an idea as the halo setting, Tacori is breaking the mold, with innovative settings that blur the edges of a main stone to enhance the apparent magnitude of a stone, highlight a setting element, or draw the eye even more strongly to the stone itself.

And many of Tacori’s pieces need not stand alone. Indeed, Tacori collections comprise style elements and design ideas to enhance and complement many of the engagement ring styles they offer. This broad appeal and interchangeability of their collections means you can always find an anniversary gift to perfectly accentuate your engagement ring.

As you can see, there’s more to Tacori engagement ring settings than just breath-taking design and exquisite craftsmanship. Your love is beautiful enough to last a lifetime, no matter what occurs… shouldn’t you ring be, too?

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