The Top Three Amazing Statistics You Didn’t Know About Facebook Photos

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People spend a lot of time on Facebook — but how much do they really do on it? Here are three statistics that have to do with artistic photography on Facebook that you might not have picked up:

1. Facebook is a Huge Reservoir of Photos

People have been uploading photos to Facebook for a long time, but while you may not think much of uploading your vacation album when you get home, it certainly adds up over time. As of twenty thirteen, two hundred and forty billion photos were uploaded to Facebook which is a massive proportion of photos taken. In fact, this number is only growing, because…

2. An Even More Impressive Sum of Photos are Taken Each Year

That sum isn’t from one burst, but a continual torrent of photos. Three hundred and fifty million photos are uploaded to Facebook daily which really accounts for the huge amount. This is amazing, and is even moreso when put to light with the world, because…

3. A Huge Amount of The World’s Photos End Up on Facebook

One fifth of the world’s photos are put on Facebook each year, proportionately. Everyone gets to be their own artistic photographer because, when the tips for better photos are available on line, everyone can work to be your own photographer. The best photography keeps getting better. What do you think about the best photography? For more information, read this website.

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