Three Treatments That Spa Clients Adore

Massage table warmer pad

People love going to the spa. And it’s no wonder why — a spa offers a chance for someone to completely forget about what troubles them. It gives them an outlet, a way for them to relax without completely wasting their time. Because while a spa does offer many relaxing experiences, these experiences are ideally meant to improve a person’s physical and mental health. For example — while a massage is deeply comforting and relaxing, it’s also good for a person’s muscles, helping them release tension and relax. Of course, other advantages of going to the spa include having your skin cleansed and treated, and many spas offer treatments that help people detox. Of course, as spas become more popular, their market becomes more competitive. Spas need to offer unique services in order to stay on top of their game, and appeal to a broad audience. For that matter, the types of spa equipment a spa purchases can completely change how the business is viewed — you don’t someone to decide against returning to your spa because the types of massage table sheets you purchased aren’t comfortable. Since 2007, the global spa and wellness industry has been growing by 12% annually. This means that the types of treatments offered are also expanding. Below, we’ll discuss some of the treatments that can completely change a spa’s prospects for success — and bump it up to the next level.

1. Massage Therapy

According to recent surveys, about 83% of millennials go to the spa less than five times per year. A spa visit is supposed to be a special treat — and when people do choose to go to the spa, most often they want to spend some time getting a massage. A massage is a hallmark of a spa visit, and a person’s massage experience can be completely changed by something as simple as massage table blankets. It’s important that a person’s massage is completely relaxing, not marred by scratchy types of massage table sheets, or an inexperienced massage therapist. Many people find that a massage is great for the mind and body alike, and are willing to spend more for the right kind of massage. If a spa is going to offer massages, however, the person running that spa needs to be ready to invest in everything from the best types of massage table sheets to massage table warmer pads. A subpar massage can quickly earn a spa bad reviews, and therefore it should be the utmost priority for everything involved to be of the best quality.

2. High End Facials

In 2013, the global spa and wellness industry was worth $3.4 trillion. Part of that money was probably made up of high end facials. Lately, facials have become a major part of the spa market. People are willing to pay a lot of money to make their skin the best it possibly can be, and as extravagant as they may seem, high end facials are getting more and more complex. For example, one facial that is currently being offered for an exorbitant price involves applying actual gold to the skin. While it’s important that these facials actually benefit the skin, for many consumers the focus is less on the results and more on the experience. Of course, ensuring that customers get what they want when it comes to facials means employing qualified estheticians — the preparation process with facials goes a bit beyond choosing the right types of massage table sheets. But offering facials can certainly pay off for spas in a big way.

3. Sauna Rooms

People love spending time in saunas. The heat allows them to sweat out toxins in the body, and it’s just very relaxing. Many people are delighted when their spa offers sauna rooms — but there is some maintenance required with saunas. Cleanliness is a must, as is privacy. There is no point in offering sauna services unless they’re going to be the top of the line!

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