Weddings Can Be Stressful Tips For Finding The Best Large Event Spaces For Your Special Day

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. That’s practically a motto when it comes to weddings and receptions!

Take a look at any successful wedding and you see all the hours, rejected drafts, and dreams that went into the process. Should you find yourself in the incredible position of needing to plan out a wedding, there are large event spaces ready and waiting to meet you halfway. You can choose party venues for those rambunctious, slapdash weddings or a seminar venue for something with several presentations. You name it, there are more than enough resources out there. It’s all a matter of organizing yourself.

Not sure how to buckle down and get started? Let’s take a look at some statistics and see just where you land.

Weddings Are Incredibly Popular In The United States

It might take you aback how popular weddings are. Despite lower marriage rates these past few decades wedding receptions and engagements are still going strong. A recent study found nearly 20 million events and meetings are organized in the country every year, representing at least $250 billion in spending. Large event spaces can host everything from sweet sixteens to Bar Mitzvahs to birthday parties. As you can expect, a wedding reception will fit in quite easily.

You Shouldn’t Rush Through Your Engagement

You’re no doubt tempted to breeze right through these happy memories and get to the good stuff. It’s recommended you take things slow so you don’t stress yourself unnecessarily! Today the average engagement lasts around 15 months, with three out of four couples living together before getting married. Event and wedding planning should be done with the future in mind. This means acknowledging potential setbacks, being honest about your budget, and rolling back schedules as necessary.

Some Wedding Venues Still Take The Cake In Popularity

Which places are the most popular when it comes to tying the knot? Let’s take a look at what some recent statistics have to say. Banquet halls, country clubs, and hotels remain the three most popular wedding venues, though nearly 40% of couples today are more interested in unusual choices that better reflect their personality (thanks to a survey by The Knot). Back in 2017 WeddingWire found 65% of brides admitting they’re stressed out trying to have the perfect wedding, to boot. How can you shave some of that stress off?

Good Musical Choices Should Always Be A Priority

Spaces for a wedding and reception will go above and beyond to give you all the basics. Plenty of room to host, useful amenities, the works. Picking a good playlist is a fun activity that can help you finally cross off something on your list. The ideal playlist for a three-hour party should be at least 50 songs long, with a little variety to better reflect the mood of the hour. Hosting an event can certainly be stressful, but it’s also a great way to bring out the best you have to offer.

Make Sure To Double-Check Your Menu So Everybody’s Happy

What else should you keep in mind when snatching up large event spaces? Make sure your menu doesn’t fall to the wayside. A Dinova survey found nearly 80% of corporations, for example, making it a point to include vegetarian options at their corporate events. Another 65% went out of their way to include gluten-free fare, all the more to make sure everyone is accommodated. It’s little efforts like this that will make your special day truly sparkle.

The best wedding venue is what you make of it. What do you plan on adding to your large event spaces?

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