What Are The Most Popular Hairstyles And Hair Colors For Women?

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Bridal hair is an art form that knows no timeline. For centuries these decadent and delicate styles have enchanted countless across the country for their combination of practicality and artistry. Summer wedding hair ideas, in particular, can come in a variety of forms, though the idea is to create a beautiful hairstyle that can withstand hot weather and a long day of partying, dancing and photo sessions. If you haven’t done your hair in a while and are looking for some simple tips for a special occasion, look below to learn about popular hair trends, common preferences and where you can get started on the road to looking your absolute best.

Hair Colors

Thinking of changing your hair color? Most women will experiment with at least three different hair colors over the years, with one in four changing their shades a whopping five times. Dark brown is still the most popular color at 56% in recent surveys due to its perfect balance of looking both mundane and striking. Around 16% opt for a new color or cut to mark a milestone during their birthday or a significant event in their life, such as graduating or getting married. Hair colors often overlap with hairstyles, where your hair is trimmed, cut and layered to create an entirely new look.

Hair Style

Summer wedding hair ideas can involve highlights, colors and different haircuts. Ponytails are still a popular choice for those that want hair out of their face while looking sporty and stylish, while curls and waves can add a romantic air to your entire ensemble. Surveys have shown 38% of women changing their hairstyle to feel more confident, with another 25% seeking out change to reinvent their image. Don’t feel limited by your decade, either! Many are finding expressive and fun throwbacks to be their cup of tea, such as the lively perms of the 80’s or the classic bobs of the 70’s.


For those that don’t want to alter their entire hair color, highlights are a wonderful middle-ground for those looking for change without too much commitment. Around 35% of women visit the salon once or twice per year to get their highlights touched up, with more experienced visitors forgoing hair services and choosing to do their highlights at home. When nearly three-quarters of women regret at least one of their hairstyles, highlights are a fantastic touch-up you can easily reverse should you choose to. You can choose highlights or undertones alike, ranging from striking to subtle depending on your tastes.

Common Preferences

What do people prefer and why? Ongoing surveys are conducted throughout the year to figure out different demographics’ favorite looks and details, with many patterns not changing throughout the years. For example, a whopping 90% of men say good hair is the first thing they notice in a woman, while a similar 70% of women feel more attractive after getting their hair colored or styled. Curly hair is a trend that will never fall out of favor, with 33% of men preferring curls and waves for their youthful vigor. Last, but not least, you can always supplement your hair visit with a hot oil treatment or keratin treatment to encourage body and shine.

Summer Wedding Hair Ideas

If you’re getting married, your hair will set the tone for everything to come. When the weather is hot and you’re heading to a tropical beach or mountain setting, the best hairstyle for you may be an up-do or a fluffy ponytail, to both keep strands out of your eyes while looking dolled up for the occasion. If you’re looking to keep your hair down, however, a side-braid is still a beloved feminine choice for many. Consider looking into beaded jewelry or flowers to give your hairstyle a touch-up, to boot! The sky’s the limit when it comes to looking your best — what summer wedding hair ideas are you cooking up today?

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