3 Reasons to Visit Local Jewelers Over Chain Stores

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One of the most important times before popping the question is finding the right engagement ring. Statistics show that 38 million people in the United States purchase either fine jewelry and watches annually. Considering that, it’s understandable to wonder where the best place is to find that one of a kind piece of jewelry. If you’re looking to find the right piece of fine jewelry, consider shopping locally. Also, you might want to avoid proposing in public. Statistics show that only 3% of women would want their engagement to take place in front of a crowd. With that in mind, here are three benefits of choosing local jewelers over national brands.

  1. Much Better for Finding Unique Pieces

    A recent survey found that 52% of brides preferred to have a colored stone in their engagement rings. That being said, you might it difficult to find the perfect piece of fine jewelry that has the right stone while shopping at chain stores. On the other hand, local jewelers tend to carry a wider variety of items including those with colored stones.
  2. More Personalized Customer Service

    While you’re shopping with large chains, you’ll often have to deal with calling a toll free number should anything go wrong. In addition, a problem that needs to be corrected could take weeks. If you’re looking to propose to the one love, waiting weeks isn’t always an option. If you want a more personalized customer experience, it’s always best to go with a local jeweler.
  3. Already Knowing Where to Find Personalized Wedding Rings

    An engagement ring begins the start of your journey into marriage with the one you love. However, many will want to ensure that they’ve found the right personalized wedding rings after the engagement period has ended. If you’re purchasing from a larger brand, it’s likely that you’ll have to start your ring search from square one. However, you’ll often find that a local jeweler remembers their close knit group of clients.

In conclusion, there are several reasons to purchase jewelry from a local jeweler over the larger chains. Local jewelers don’t have to adhere to strict corporate guidelines, giving them more freedom to carry a wide range of pieces. You’ll often find that inquiries are much easier handled through shopping locally instead of having to deal with the stress of calling a customer service telephone number. Working with a local jeweler helps to ensure you have a place to look for personalized wedding rings as your wedding date approaches.

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