4 Ways You Can Have a Great Party This Year


Many newspapers have said that the age of parties is dying. Now that people can easily communicate all the time through messaging systems, the party seems to be becoming a dying trend; why gather in one place when you can text someone at any time of day?

The reality is, parties can still be a great time — whether it?s for fun, for a graduation, or for a wedding. Here are four ways to take any party to the next level and guarantee that there is a lot of life left to this type of celebration.

1. Buy Sparklers Online

Long sparklers can be a great way to add pizazz to any celebration. If you?re having a party in the summer, you?re likely going to want to spend at least a bit of time outside. It?s time to put all that new lawn furniture to use — along with a fire! Keep your friends entertained with long sparklers. These will lead to amazing photos of the event. If you can?t get outside — or you?re worried about the possibility of rain — opt for smokeless sparklers instead! It’s not just wedding sparklers anymore.

2. Have a Theme

People like a reason to dress up a little. The key to having a great theme in 2016 is making it accessible. In all reality, your friends may not appreciate an invite that comes with a $50 costume requirement — especially if it?s something they can only wear once. Instead, make your themes flexible and easy for people to participate in — think ?teen goth party? (dressing up in black), ugly sweater parties for christmas, or Bavarian parties (everyone brings beer to share).

3. Rent Equipment

Every party tends to have the same staple of drinks and snacks, so you?re unlikely to stand out in this way. What you should consider is renting equipment that allows you to add a unique touch to the celebration. One example would be a cotton candy machine — hire a younger cousin to run it, and you should be good to go! A popcorn machine can also be a good idea — it gives your party a ?carnival? feel and guests can easily serve themselves throughout the night.

4. Paint a Wall

Not literally, of course! But consider painting a large, interesting backdrop that your guests can pose in front of. This will give them a fun picture to share with their family and friends, and can help make your party more interactive as well (who hasn?t wanted to play ?pin the tail on the Trump??). Alternatively, you can have every friend sign a board for every party you throw — the boards will then become something to look forward to reading years later.

So — what will you be doing for your next party? Will you be painting a wall, renting equipment, having a theme or using long sparklers? Let us know what your plans are.

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