5 Reasons It’s Worth Hiring a Professional Interior Decorator

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If you’re thinking it’s time to give your living space a facelift — whether that’s a full renovation or just a little sprucing up — you’ll quickly find that such projects can often be more overwhelming than you’d expect. Fortunately, hiring an interior decorator or interior design services is an easy way to get everything done to your liking. Not convinced that professional interior decorators and interior designers are the best route? Here are five reasons to outsource your design needs:

  1. A Highly Educated Eye

    Interior designers aren’t just people with good taste or a knack for decorating. Most designers (and some interior decorators) have gone to school for design and/or been certified in their profession. That means they have experience in scale, color, texture and everything else that goes into making a room both attractive and functional.

  2. Budgeting and Planning Experience

    Do you know how to lay out a project, and which home furnishings are worth spending more on? Probably not. But interior designers do.

  3. Access to Industry Savings

    You might be thinking that it will be cost prohibitive to hire a designer. But the truth is that by hiring a designer, you’ll be able to get many pieces at lower prices due to your decorator’s industry discounts. It’s hard to argue with a route that gives you better results at a reduced price.

  4. Connections to Reliable Vendors

    It’s hard to find trustworthy, dependable vendors. But when you work with an interior designer, you can take advantage of his or her network to get the services or furnishings you need. That can be a major help when it comes to getting things done on time and on budget — and with fewer headaches.

  5. A Designated Coordinator/Liaison

    Especially if you’re going through a major remodeling project, it can be overwhelming to coordinate the architect, the contractor, the painters and other workers. A designer will often be willing to work as a liaison of sorts so that you only need to worry about a single point of contact.

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