5 Tips and Tricks to Get the Skater Look

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Skating is a pretty popular activity around the United States. There are at least 11 million people who say that they enjoy going out on their skateboard on a regular basis. While the sport was started by surfers who were looking for a way to hit the waves on land, the fashions the sport has inspired have gone far and wide. Whether you go buy Supreme clothing online or look elsewhere, this is a look you can get.

Experts in fashion trace the modern skater look to the 1970s. That is when skateboarding took off. Granted, this was long before anyone could find Supreme clothing online but the street look from that decade was the start of the current thoughts about the look.

  1. Start with the right trainers. This is the first thing you need to de, even before you start to shop Supreme clothing online. There are a lot of newer brands out there that are looking to take over the market but when it comes to trainers, you are probably better off if you stick with the classics. You will find it hard to go wrong with Vans and Converse. The color you pick is also a big deal. Some people like to go with a more muted color but a bright and bold colored shoe can really stand out and make a statement.
  2. Move on to the right shorts. Styles change in terms of the size of the legs of shorts that people wear when they are skating. For a long time, skaters have found cargo shorts to work well for skating so, even if you are just looking to get the look and not actually go out and skate, you cannot go wrong when you wear cargo shorts. A good way to go with these shorts is to get a camo print, that works well with most graphic tees for men.
  3. Consider longer pants. It is a hard to go anywhere these days without seeing skater trousers. They have legs that are wider and many are cropped a bit. This can make them a good option for warmer months and climates. Whether you are looking for Supreme clothing online or not, they are everywhere. Many skaters like Dickie’s. Their worker pants are easy to maintain and can resist stains. They are great for people who participate in the sport and those who do not. Like their short counterparts, cargo pants, with their beige colors and plethora of pockets are also popular.
  4. Find the right t-shirt. You have a lot of options when it comes to t-shirts. In terms of size, most people who go for the skate look also go for larger or oversize t-shirts. If you do not want a Supreme logo shirt, you can also get a nicely crisp shirt in any solid color. White is very popular and can work well with any kind of pants, shorts and shoes that you might be wearing. Another thing to keep in mind is how you layer your shirts. A common look in skater fashion is to wear a t-shirt under an overshirt. This is important if you are skating or not. If you really want to go with a retro 1970s look, a baseball jersey over your t-shirt can look great.
  5. Look at head coverings. If you are actually going out to skate, you will want to protect yourself from the sun. You can find a lot of great options when you shop Supreme clothing online but you can find great hats everywhere. This is one area where you can really show off your own sense of style and fashion. If you buy hats that you really like, for whatever reason, you really cannot go wrong. If you like your hat, it will show in the way that you wear it.

At the end of the day, the skater look is about being relaxed in your own skin. This can start with being comfortable in the clothing you wear. Whether you want to get your look by shopping for Supreme clothing online or you are going to check out some brick and mortar options for your gear, have fun with the style and look to do it right.

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