5 Tips to Follow While Growing Long Hair

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There are many reasons that a woman may want to change up her hairstyle. In fact, statistics show that nearly 33% of women change hairstyles following the end of a relationship or marriage. Likewise, 38% of women surveyed in a recent study changed hairstyles in an effort to help them feel more confident. No matter the reason, it’s important to find a hairstyle that you are comfortable with. Many women prefer long hairstyles to help create a stunning appearance. However, it’s understandable to feel overwhelmed and confused at how to begin growing your hair to be able to wear long hairstyles. Considering that, here are five tips to help you grow long and flowing hair.

  1. Avoid Wrapping Hair in a Towel

    Women often wrap their hair in a towel while getting ready. It is certainly understandable that having a towel keep your hair in place is a great way to avoid it getting into your eyes. Unfortunately, you’ll want to avoid the towel wrap while trying to grow out your hair. Placing hair inside of a towel is notorious for causing breakages. If your hair strands are breaking from being placed in a towel, it’s going to be harder to grow your hair out.
  2. Change Position of Your Ponytail

    Being able to put your hair up in a ponytail is a simple solution. However, placing the hair in the same type of ponytail on a continuous basis can create a lot of tension in that area. Considering that, too much tension can make it harder for hair to grow out. With that in mind, you can still wear a ponytail but you’ll want to change up its location regularly. Switching up where you place your ponytail puts less strain on one area of your scalp.
  3. End Bath or Shower With a Splash of Cold Water

    It’s understandable to love the relaxation and refreshment that comes with a warm shower or bath. If you’re wanting to try out the latest long hairstyles for women, it’s wise to treat the hair with a splash of cold water after showering or bathing. Cold water on the hair helps it to retain its shape while avoiding problems related to issues relating to heat or moisture loss.
  4. Don’t Shampoo Hair Everyday

    You’ll find that many of the latest hairstyles for women can take a lot of preparation. If you are wanting to grow out your hair, it’s important to ensure you aren’t using shampoo each day. You’ve likely heard that shampooing your hair helps keep it clean. That being said, too much shampoo can strip the hair of natural oils. These oils are needed to help hair grow out in a natural manner. It’s best to shampoo your hair a few times per week, rather than once a day.
  5. Be Patient

    Statistics show that the average woman will have 104 different hairstyles throughout her life. While short hairstyles might be what you’re used to, it will take time to grow longer hair. It’s important that you remain patient while waiting for your hair to grow out. Certain individuals are able to have the base ready for long hairstyles while it takes other women longer amounts of time.

To summarize, there are several tips to follow while growing out your hair. You’ll want to avoid the daily ritual of wrapping your hair in a towel. The towel wrap is often a culprit in regards to why women have such a tough time growing longer hair. If you wear a ponytail throughout the day, it’s important to change the placement of where it is placed. Repeatedly placing a ponytail in the same spot on the head can cause damage to the hair fibers. Ending a shower or bath with a splash of cold water on hair can help it remain strong which is necessary to have long hair. You’ll want to ensure that your hair is being shampooed only a few times per week as opposed to being treated once a day. It’s important to understand that hair growth takes time, you must remain patient in order to grow longer hair.

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