7 Reasons To Buy Yourself Some Footed Pajamas Fearlessly

Onesies pajamas

Footed pajamas are one of those things that you probably fondly remember from your childhood, and you sort of wish that you could find gigantic-sized kid pajamas onesies, but you’ve never been able to. Lucky for you, pajama onsesies are coming back into style and they’re taking on the adult fashion industry — you can bet that any clothing designer who wants to break into the pajama line of apparel is going to focus on pajama onesies and footed pajamas for adults.

Still not sure if you have the guts to buy a pair of footed pajamas for yourself? Worried that the cashier is going to judge you at the register, or the mailman is going to judge you when he delivers a box with a label from a onesie pajama company? Here are a few reasons to dispel those fears and buy those pajamas that you know you want:

  1. If you’re one of those weird people who needs to sleep with socks on, footed pajamas gotcha covered. No worrying about socks falling off in the middle of the night and/or getting lost in the sheets.
  2. If you live in a very cold place, you already know that winter nights (and sometimes even summer nights…) can be so cold that it’s impossible to sleep. A pair of onesie pajamas in fleece or in flannel will provide you with a body suit of warmth.
  3. Lots of footed pajamas even come in animal-themed or cartoon-themed designs, meaning that you can go to bed as a bunny or as a Ninja Turtle.
  4. Better yet, you can use those themed PJs for a Halloween costume. No worrying about getting cold while you’re trick-or-treating next year!
  5. Only one item of clothing worn to bed = only one item you have to worry about washing. And by that, we mean “losing in the wash.” It’s pretty hard to lose a whole pajama onesie in the wash.
  6. If you’re a Never Nude and feel the need to wear a pair a ripped jean shorts under everything, footed pajamas are your best option for sleepwear. No one will know what you’ve got on underneath, and you never have to worry about feeling judged.
  7. Speaking of being judged, footie PJs are becoming the coolest things around. People aren’t judging you; they’re envying your coolness.

Now it’s time for you to think about it for a minute: what are your reasons for buying a cool new pair of footed PJs?

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