8 Things to Do for Your Skin After Waxing

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If you use products to get rid of unwanted hair, you are not alone. It has been estimated that about 8.87 million went to professionals for waxing in 2016. A full 21% of all American women say they get rid of unwanted hair by waxing it. At least 24% of women get the space over their upper lip waxed, according to a YouGov survey. If you are going to have some hair removed this way, you may have questions about caring for skin after waxing. Here are some things you can do to have a better experience at the waxing salon.

  1. Take a full shower before you go. There are many reasons that you are going to want to shower before you have waxing done. It is always nice to be clean before you have any spa treatment but also you may not want to subject your sensitive skin to hot water right away after you have your waxing done.
  2. Go in wearing some clothing that is comfortable. This makes little difference if you are going in for eyebrow waxing but be a big deal if you are having a bikini waxing before vacation. Sensitive areas of your body such as the bikini area or underarm spots can become unhappy if you are wearing a scratchy shirt or sweater or a tight pair of pants. People who are going to for a wax job on these sensitive areas should always wear lose and comfortable clothing to have a better experience.
  3. Skip your swim for a few days. The last thing your skin will need after a wax job is to come into contact with chlorine or salt in water. When it comes to caring for skin after waxing, you should forgo your dip in the pool and/or ocean (or lake) for at least 12 hours after you go to the salon for your waxing. If you enjoy a hot shower or a nice long bath, you should also wait on that for the same amount of time.
  4. Try some ice. Ice is great to help you deal with inflammation. One way it can help your skin is if you apply it to your newly waxed skin. You can take a package of frozen peas (or an ice pack), wrap it in a cloth and apply to your skin. You should never put the ice or frozen veggies directly on your skin. You may be surprised by how good it makes your skin feel following a waxing.
  5. Do not go out in the sun. The number one thing that you can do for your skin, in terms of caring for skin after waxing or just staying youthful looking, is stay out of the sun. This is true after you have some waxing done. Your skin will be a lot more sensitive and the sun is no friend of sensitive skin. Get a high number SPF and reapply it often to keep your freshly waxed skin healthy and happy.
  6. Skip the scents. You may want to put on perfume or lotion that has a nice scent but this will irritate your skin after you have a waxing. For at least two days after you have your waxing done, you would be better off not using any products on your skin that are scented. Your skin will thank you for taking this step.
  7. Leave it alone. You may want to touch your skin after you have it waxed but you should do whatever you can to resist that urge. Your hands have bacteria on them and that is not something you want near your newly waxed areas of skin. If you do have to touch your skin, make sure you wash your hands before you do.
  8. Add some aloe. This is when you have a sunburn and the same properties that make it good for a sunburn make it a great option when caring for skin after waxing. It is soothing and can be used alone or with the cold compress. If you have any discomfort after you have your waxing done, try some aloe. You will get immediate relief.

These tips for caring for skin after waxing can help your experience be better and your skin will thank you.

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