A Brief History of Sterling Silver From Early Mining to Gift Giving

Silver mining dates back several thousand years.The Royal Society of Chemistry reported that the first evidence of this was found in Turkey and Greece circa 3000 B.C. In order to indicate quality sterling silver during the 19th and 20th centuries, items were usually marked with either the word, “Sterling,” or the number, “925.” Given the fact that silver has been and continues to be valued, it’s not surprising that a minimum of 14 languages use the words for “silver” and “money” synonymously.

The Attributes of Silver

Just as with gold, silver is considered to be a precious metal. One of the reasons for silver is popular is due to its shiny surface. When polished, silver is able to reflect the visible light spectrum at 95%.

Silver Alloys

Silver alloys are often used to create jewelry and tableware. This is because pure silver is soft and requires another metal to strengthen it. Sterling silver is usually composed of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. Other types of metals may also be used.

Sterling Silver Gift Ideas

Sterling silver items continue to be well-received as gifts. Many individuals have extensive collections, which may include antique silver jewelry. Sterling silver candlesticks, picture frames, tea services, and vases are often given as wedding and anniversary gifts. Tiffany silver jewelry can prove to be a welcome birthday or anniversary gift as well.

Traditional gifts to give family and friends when a baby is born include sterling silver baby cups and frames. A sterling silver trophy can be engraved for a variety of occasions. In addition to engraving a sterling silver trophy, pieces of jewelry and picture frames can also be engraved.

Contact a Silver Dealer

Whether you’re interested in buying or selling silver, contact your local silver dealer to learn more. If you’re planning to buy a gift or add to your personal collection, there will likely be quite a few pieces that you admire on display. In case you’re interested in selling one or more pieces, or even an entire collection, your local silver dealer will be able to appraise its value. At that time, you may discover that you want to create a new collection, such as antique silver from China.

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