An Interview with Oz Robotics Founder Bryn Chapman

Oz Robotics has been providing high quality vacuum and mopping robots to the Sydney area and beyond for several years. We recently interviewed Mr. Bryn Chapman, company founder, about what exactly makes Oz Robotics successful. Read on to find out what sets his company apart from the rest, the guarantees Oz Robotics offers, and how Bryn Chapman and his team have gone above and beyond to make their customers happy.

Can you tell us what sets your company, Oz Robotics, apart from its competitors?

We know robot vacuums extremely well, as we have been selling them in the Australian market for the past six years. We personally use all the products we sell, and are therefore able to offer unbiased expert advice on anything related to comparing models as well as servicing of the units.

What can you tell us about the kinds of guarantees you offer on your robotic products?

We provide a one-year warranty on all robot vacuums purchased from our store. We also provide a six-month warranty on the rechargeable battery.

Has there ever been a time when you or one of your employees have had to go above and beyond the call of duty to help make a customer happy?

One of our customers was an elderly man who was struggling to read the manual that came with the unit. Luckily, he didn’t live too far away, and we offered to go to his house and do a free demo. He was over the moon with the service he received, and has since purchased a second unit for his kids.

Bryn Chapman is the founder of Oz Robots, a state-of-the-art robotic vacuum company based out of Sydney, Australia. If you are interested in learning more about this company and its products, feel free to look them up online at, or call +61293045090. Local residents can feel free to visit in person at Level 2 608 Harris St Ultimo NSW.

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