At Home in a Bed?

Upholstered bedhead

A bed headboard can be a great place against which to prop a pillow if you are a night time reader. The point is that, while upholstered bedheads and headboards might seem a bit old fashioned, they can still serve a practical purpose. They can even add to the comfort of a bed, since, in recent years, padded bedheads have become available to those who are interested in creating something which is both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.

A bed headboard goes back a long way. Some royal beds used to carry bed headboards. This is not to say that a bed without a headboard cannot be comfortable. Comfort is a relative measure and there are some people who can sleep on a heap of wheat or a pile of leaves. These were, in fact, probably the very first beds.

Also a bed headboard might not be the best choice for someone who is moving from place to place constantly. A futon might be more in the interest of someone who is in such circumstances. Nonetheless, a bed headboard is equally a good way to set down roots in a particular house. This is why people are increasingly turning to the bed headboard as an option.

Of course, this might be less common now that people are tending to rent instead of buy a house. People who rent a house often end up with the furniture with which their landlords provide them, and this furniture is quite often not meant to be particularly beautiful. But this is only another reason to consider buying a house with a bed headboard when one considers buying a house.

A bed is the most important piece of furniture in any house. It is hard to get through the night without it. And a bed headboard demonstrates commitment to a particular house, if nothing else.

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