Beaded Night Light Shades Make the Night Less Scary

Unusual floor lamps

If you need a beautiful way to decorate the helpful light you keep in the hallway or bathroom to help guests find their way at night, then beaded night light shades are the perfect fit for your home. Beaded night light shades soften the light coming from the light. After waking up, to go to the bathroom or get a glass of water, it is much harder to get back to sleep after exposing yourself to the harsh bright light of a regular light bulb, than the soft, lulling light of a shaded night light.

Beaded night light shades are a very popular craft, and are very easy to make. Beaded night light shades are especially popular with kids, who love making decorations for their room. To make bead shade night lights, all you need are a handful of safety pins, some glass beads, and a spool of jewelry wire. Using colorful beads is a good way to make your beaded night light shades even more fun and decorative. You can expand these beaded night light shades to make beautiful lampshades, or even decorative chandelier shades.

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