Body Art What a Nose Ring May Express About You

If you are included in the statistics of a Harris Poll of 2015, you are like more than 1 in 5 Americans that report having at least one tattoo, and the 50% that have pierced ears or other forms of body art. Other forms of piercings are far less common, but are increasing in popularity and cultural acceptance.

If you are contemplating a body piercing such as a nose ring, the next step is finding a tattoo and piercing shop with exceptional standards for artistic design – and safety. Here are some facts and tips to consider.

  • Age restriction regulations for tattoos and body piercing exist in the state of Michigan, although they are not closely monitored. Minors must have written parental informed consent in order to receive a body piercing or tattoo. Reputable tattoo artists will respect and abide by these standards.
  • Artistic design is not limited to tattoos. Body piercings are another art form of adornment, and are usually another professional service provided by a tattoo shop.Using a do-it-yourself kit for either service is ill-advised, as it can lead to tattoo regret or infection. Laser tattoo removal can be achieved, but can be more costly than getting the tattoo itself.
  • What form of body piercing appeals to you?Cartilage piercing refers to a number of procedures including nasal piercing and piercing for additional earring “north” of the ear lobe. Navel piercing is especially popular among women who reported body art.
  • Increasingly popular is daith piercing – a procedure involving the inner ear lobe, professed by many to provide migraine relief. Proponents of the daith technique believe it mimics acupuncture, targeting pressure points in the ear lobe associated with the source of migraine pain. A recent report by featured the surge in daith piercing in the metropolitan Detroit area, following plenty of testimony by women who have experienced a decrease in the frequency of headaches.
  • A popular form of a nose ring is a nasallang: three piercings, usually connected by a miniature “barbell.”Beyond aesthetics, a nose ring can also symbolize certain cultural connections. For example, many American women of South Asian culture may opt for a nose ring as opposed to a more traditional stud that is commonplace in native countries, sometimes an alternative to wearing an engagement or wedding ring. Others may choose piercings to signify healing, having overcome a recent illness or trauma.
  • Numerous types of body piercing are available, including some so intimate they might cause you to blush.Chances are, however, that an experienced tattoo artist doesn’t easily blush, and has probably “done that” before. Developing a trusting relationship is important. And if you fall into the category of a young age, be certain that the tattoo shop you choose provides services ethically, adhering to licensing and safety requirements.

Regardless of the body art style, whether you are curious about popular tattoos or other piercings, attention to safe procedures prevents dangerous infection. Factors such as instrument sterilization and safeguards against contaminated tattoo ink should be researched in advance. An informative article from the FDA, “Think Before you Ink,” offers common sense recommendations for parents or anyone considering body art.

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