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  • The Importance Of Representation In the Entertainment World

    The latest entertainment news is something that many of us keep up with, out of a desire to know the latest entertainment or even just as a way to pass the time. On top of this, the latest entertainment news can also provide an escape from real life, as it rarely dives into very serious […]

  • Black Celebrity News Plays a Major Role in the Entertainment Industry

    There has been a trend for those who follow current celebrity news to support the same causes as their favorite celebrity. The majority of this demographic is college students, who are more inclined to check a celebrity gossip site or watch entertainment news to learn more about their favorite celeb. In fact, celebrity-induced support for […]

  • What Intrigues You About Celebrity Gossip?

    What Intrigues You About Celebrity Gossip?

    Many people in the United States enjoy reading the latest in celeb gossip, entertainment news, and urban news. While some may follow latest Hollywood gossip on their favorite actor or actress, others want to be-in-the-know on anyone that’s considered to be a celebrity. There’s much more to celeb gossip, however, than the clothes they wear, […]