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  • How to Make the Biggest Impact with Your Charitable Donation

    Sometimes, you probably feel inundated for donations for non profit organizations and other organizations that pick up donations. This means that charity organizations are not just requesting for donations through the traditional channels such as emails and phone calls. Today, there are various ways that you can make donations and the donations can come in […]

  • Is this the Time of the Year When You Clean Out the Closets and Dresser Drawers in Your Home?

    This is the season of cleaning and sorting. Whether you are looking through your own drawers and closets trying to solve the problems of a house that is weighted down with clutter or if you are sitting at home watching the latest round of shows about tidying up, this is the time of year when […]

  • Nonprofit Donations Where Clothing Counts

    Nonprofit Donations  Where Clothing Counts

    Nonprofit organizations. The word that comes to mind is charity or the phrase charitable giving. Nonprofit organizations distribute many things to certain populations. There are nonprofit organizations that give food to the homeless and low-income families. There are nonprofit organizations who distribute disaster relief clothing. One nonprofit organization has a special purpose: It distributes clothing […]

  • The Best Ways to Support Organizations That Accept Clothing Donations

    The Best Ways to Support Organizations That Accept Clothing Donations

    Got gently used clothing that you don’t really wear anymore? If you’re anything like most Americans, then the answer is probably yes. According to the Council for Textile Recycling, Americans are buying and discarding more clothing than ever. Between 1999 and 2009, the amount of post consumer textile waste grew by an alarming 40%, and […]