Curious About Microblading But Don’t Know Where to Start?

It can be a monumental task keeping up with all of the new beauty treatments available to both men and women these days. For example, permanent tattoos have been applied as cosmetic procedures for decades. Yet even in the last few years we’ve seen the microblading of eyebrows take off in popularity. As with any new beauty treatment, the public wonders about the details of how the procedure is performed, its longevity, and of course the safety measures in place.

Microblading: What to Know About Safety, Pigments, and Complications.

Eyebrows quickly became the new “IT” feature a few years back with the likes of Cara Delevigne, although many would say Brooke Shields was the original model who made women practice eyebrow shading techniques. There are a number of reasons why women seemed to suddenly desire more lush, curved eyebrows. It all has to do with proportions actually.

Why Great Eyebrows Are Essential to an Attractive Face.

Eyebrows are incredibly important when balancing a face. Many women spend time and money trying to improve the appearance of their eyelashes. Long lashes are lovely, however they are not what a person will notice from across a room. Our faces have a two clear features that are clearly and instantly noticeable even from a distance.

These are the eyebrows and lips. Many women like to wear a lipstick that makes their mouth distinct from the rest of their face. Our eyebrows should do the same. Many makeup artists insist that the right eyebrow size and shape on a women’s face will enable her to wear less makeup while feeling more put together. That’s a pretty good deal for just one feature.

What’s a Girl to Do If She Doesn’t Have Great Eyebrows?

So far we’ve discussed why lush eyebrows are a great thing. The average eyebrow will contain about 250 individual hairs, although some people have far more or less. Women who have naturally pale or sparse eyebrows are not out of luck, however. They can easily reap the benefits. The trick is not in having giant caterpillar eyebrows, but in having the right size, shape, and color for your face.

Microblading and shading are newer cosmetic procedures. Advance microblading takes into account the eyebrows a woman has, the natural color of her eyebrows and hair, and the look she desires. Then, the technician will work with her to create a natural-but-better looking eyebrow that lasts for How do they work such magic?

Advance Microblading Procedures: Your Quick Facts Guide.

Advance microblading is in many ways similar to getting a tattoo. There is some risk involved, and all patients must be willing to practice due diligence. Why? Because of the procedure itself. This cosmetic procedure can have wonderful results. Unlike tattoos, microblading slowly fades over time. Eyebrow hairs only have a life of up to four months, so there is a certain amount of upkeep involved. Many women are delighted with their resulting eyebrows.

So what happens during an advance microblading? The technician will gently cleanse and numb the area. Then, using great skill and a very sharp microblade, the technician will make light cuts across the eyebrow area. The shape and scope of the work will have been discussed thoroughly in advance. Next, the technician will quickly spread the pigment shading across the area. This is the step in which the eyebrows actually come together. See, the pigment sinks into the prepared area creating a soft effect that mimics real eyebrow hairs.

The process of advance microblading promises great results to those who do their research. A licensed technician with impeccable safety standards is the first step. Enthusiastic reviews are another key element during your search. Next, they must be willing to extensively discuss different pigment options for your eyebrows. The wrong shade can throw off the appearance of the brows, even if the shape is perfect.

Cosmetic procedures are advancing all the time. Many women are curious about their options. Testing out a treatment can be a great way to experiment. However always remember to research a procedure extensively. When it comes to your face, you only want the best.

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