E Liquid Refills vs Prefilled Vapor Cartridges for Your Electronic Cigarettes


Many people who vape, or puff on an electronic cigarette, like the convenience that a rechargeable electronic cigarette or vapor pen can offer. These devices, unlike disposable e cigarettes, can be used again and again as long as their batteries are charged and their e liquid tanks are full.

But the ways in which some devices get more e liquid will differ from other types of refills for vapor cigarettes. Additionally, what some people might consider user friendly might be too complicated for other vapers. The two most common methods to refill a rechargeable e cig are to use e liquid straight from the bottle or to install new vapor cartridges entirely. Here are the benefits of each of these e liquid refills.

E Liquid

E liquid is typically purchased by the bottle and contains a lid with an eye dropper built into it. This helps users refill their e cigs with just about any flavor they prefer. Because e liquids come in all different flavors from cherry and bubblegum to mint and coffee, buying e liquid by the bottle gives users more flavor and more choices. These e liquids can also be made with any concentration of nicotine, which is great for former smokers and casual users alike.

Vapor Cartridges

When an e cigarette is refilled with e liquid, the liquid is placed into what is known as the vapor cartridge. While most vapor cartridges require manual refilling, others can be purchased to swap out for an easier vaping experience. These disposable cartridges may offer users the same great flavors that they can get with e liquid bottles, depending up on the brand of cartridge or liquid. This method also produces little, if any, mess, and can attach easily to the existing device. Cartridges might be sold individually, but prefilled cartridges are typically sold in packs for more long-lasting flavor.

Which type of refill do you prefer for your e cigs? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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