Essential Advice for Safe Online Shopping

Safe shop online

According to Statistica, the United States online retail sector generated over 289 billion dollars in revenue during 2012. That is more than a 33 billion dollar increase from 2011. Economists predict that total ecommerce sales will exceed 360 billion dollars by 2016. Although online shopping continues to expand by leaps and bounds, many Americans continue to ask “is online shopping safe?”

Given all of the facts and myths floating around about secure online shopping, it is understandable that a lot of people still express concern over online shopping. While everyone should be aware of the risks of purchasing consumer products online, the fact is only a small percentage of internet shoppers will ever experience any kind of internet theft. Still, it is always wise to remain vigilant about internet safety, and there are many excellent online safety guides out there offering common sense tips for safe online shopping.

First of all, secure internet shopping begins with reputable retailers. Since the large, well known retailers process the highest volumes of transactions, they always have the most secure websites. Also, never give out more information than you need to, and, if possible, start up a PayPal account. This will eliminate the need to provide retailers with any credit card, banking, or other personal information. Lastly, avoid shopping through your mobile device, because they are easier for unscrupulous individuals to hack.

If you are still a bit concerned about the safety of online shopping, perhaps your anxieties can be further assuaged by the fact that over eight percent of all retail purchases take place online; and around 80 percent of internet users have made at least one online purchase during the past 12 months. The most obvious reasons that more Americans are beginning to shop online are the convenience and savings that it offers. By following a few simple tips for safe online shopping, you too can save tons of money and beat the crowds from the comfort of your home.

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