Find Helpful Tips to Make Online Shopping Safe

Tips on online shopping

According to information from Statistic Brain, some 56% of shoppers have made more than one purchase online. While there are lots of reasons why people choose to do their shopping on the internet, rather than in brick and mortar retailers, 58% of people surveyed do so because there are no crowds. Quite simply, shopping from your own couch is easier and less stressful than heading to packed malls and stores, and it often allows you to purchase items quicker, even if you have to wait for shipping. Online shopping is so convenient that it is continually becoming more popular. In fact, by 2016, according to Forrester Research estimates, Americans alone will spend more than a staggering $320 billion online.

In addition to the stress-free convenient nature of online shopping, many will choose their web browser rather than the mall because there is more variety. Estimates from Statistic Brain say that more than two thirds of the people who shop online do so because there is a greater variety of items to choose from. But though there is a virtually limitless inventory of products, nearly a third of U.S. eCommerce last year was generated by travel sales and booking sites. This means that the internet is a great place to shop for much more than just a nice new pair of shoes.

Unfortunately, many consumers are concerned about their identity and will want to ask, “is online shopping safe?” before making a purchase. The reality is that there is always some risk when it comes to buying online, and some 15 million Americans have their identity stolen every year. If that is a concern, you should read an online shopping guide full of safe online shopping tips before giving out credit card or bank information. Doing so can go a long way towards making sure you don’t have your vital data stolen.

One of the tips on shopping online that should be found in most online shopping guides is to only buy from popular sites. They will have security features in place to help protect you from credit card and identity theft scans. In addition, they should talk about shopping only from sites that have HTTPS and not just HTTP in their website, and simply downloading the right computer protection software. Using those tips is pivotal for making sure that online transactions are safe.

Online shopping guides will vary, and some might be based more on the best ways to find a good deal quickly. However, every good one should include some tips and information about how to avoid sharing your credit card information with parties you don’t want to and making sure you do not become the victim of identity theft.

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