Finding the Right Engagement Ring Style for Your Partner

Princess cut diamond bracelet

According to CNN, astronomers have captured a picture of a “diamond engagement ring” in space. The ring is actually a planetary nebula aligned with a star. The perfectly round nebula is star HD 83535, which aligns perfectly and creates the illusion of a big diamond sitting atop a band. As CNN jokingly concludes: “It’s as if the universe liked the star and put a ring on it.”

Are you planning on putting a ring on your “star”? There are many factors to consider while choosing a diamond ring (or a ring with an alternative stone). You may not even be aware of how many choices you actually have! Here is one quick guide for identifying the right ring for your partner. In the end, you know them and what they like best. You may, however, find some inspiration.

Halo Engagement Rings

Halo engagement rings feature a larger diamond surrounded by many small diamonds (a “halo”). For a partner who likes a bit of shine and dazzle, but who still prefers simplicity, this can be a good choice. Even though halo engagement rings are very showy, they are typically paired with a less busy, thinner band, creating focus on one section of the ring. Halo is also frequently identified as a “vintage,” which is something to keep in mind if your partner is a fan of tried-and-true designs.

Engagement Ring Wedding Band Sets

It’s not surprising that most people want engagement and wedding bands to go together, since they’re always going to be on the hand at the same time. Today, some couples are opting to go for engagement and wedding rings that are designed to sit perfectly together — these rings sometimes have small, interlocking grooves that help them sit hand-in-hand. Popular right now is to have two diamond bands “sandwiching” the engagement ring. This can be a great option for people who prefer a thicker ring style, which is less delicate and more modern.

Baguette Diamond Rings

Have you noticed that your loved one rarely wears rings with a focal point, but instead prefers rings with even bands? The baguette might sound tasty, but in actuality it’s a great fit for someone who isn’t satisfied with traditional diamond settings. Baguette stones surrounding the main stone are cut in the “step cut” style, a shallow cut that accentuates clarity, whiteness and lustre rather than brilliance. It’s an art deco style that can often have great appeal for less traditional brides and grooms.

Keep in mind that most stores will allow you to exchange your ring if it doesn’t end up being the right match, so don’t get too stressed out! What ring styles are you looking at? Let us know in the comments.

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