Finding the True You is the First Step

Henna hair dye

In the US, redheads make up from 2 percent to 6 percent of the population, which is the largest population of redheads in the world. 40 percent of the population in Scotland carries the redhead gene, making it the country with the highest proportion of redheads in the world. Redheaded women also report bruising more easily than women of different hair colors. Redheads have twice the risk of developing Parkinsons Disease. The 16th Century artist Titian, Tiziano Vecelli, painted so many redheads that his name became associated with a shade of red. With so many redheads throughout the world, the traditional makeup designed for blonds and brunettes simply will not work in all situations, which is why redhead makeup is going to make the amber haired angels of the world rejoice.

Mascara for redheads and lipstick for redheads should be selected using some strategy. It is best advised not to select mascara for redheads that clashes with the true hue of your hair. Think of your hair as a color barrier or a picture frame. A deep brown picture frame will bring out different contrasts than a copper color or a red frame. Mascara for redheads should be chosen by using hair color as a foundation. A woman should not be selecting mascara for redheads that is too similar or overpowering to her hair color. For example, redheads who have copper or amber hair should try to avoid oranges because they will clash with the true hair color. Take some time to explore the different options when it comes to mascara for redheads by browsing the makeup counter or some online resources.

Choosing mascara for redheads can also be very fun. Fashionistas claim that you should not choose mascara for redheads that is too similar to your hair color so, naturally, why not go for the farthest thing from it? Some great recommendations start around black mascara, greens, and even metallic tinted mascara for redheads works very well. Take some time to explore what look you are going for and try a few different options out. One great way to get some mascara for redheads ideas are to check out any makeup counter and sample some of the colors you feel will show people that you are more than just another pretty head of red hair. Find more.

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