Finding Unique Leather Items for Men

Exotic mens dress shoes

Are you tired of the limited supply of men?s shoes? If you visit your local department store and browse the shoe department, you are likely to notice more women?s shoes than men?s. You will find row after row of women?s shoe options, from flats, booties, over the knee boots, and heels. It is even possible that there are more options than that. Yet, when you visit the men?s section, you are left with a couple different types of sneakers and work boots. Women tend to dominate the shoe buying market, forcing stores carry more options for them. Where then, do men find unique or exotic mens shoes?

Men?s specific retailers
They may be few and far between, but men?s specific retailers are a great place to find exotic mens shoes. They cater specifically to men?s needs. Therefore, they have more inventory room and suppliers for exotic mens shoes. Men?s specific retailers are also more likely to carry a wider variety of men?s accessories, including exotic belts and men?s leather bags. With men?s leather bags increasing in popularity, you will find a greater supply to choose from. Men?s luxury bags and small leather goods grew by 24% and 40%, respectively from 2009 to 2014.

Luxury retailers and department stores
You are more likely to find more men?s items when you shop in a luxury department store or retailer. Luxury department stores tend to cater to men more than regular stores, because the sales are higher in this specific area. Accounting for 40% of global sales, men?s spending on luxury also grew almost twice as fast as women?s in 2011, 14% compared with 8% respectively. You can find exotic mens shoes in all types at these types of retailers, including both exotic dress shoes and exotic mens boots.

Online retailers
One of the best things about the internet is the ability to shop pretty much anywhere, from the comfort of your own home. Shopping online is probably the best way to find exotic mens shoes in all types. You do not have to waste time visiting multiple retailers. You can also search specifically based on designer, color, size, and price. Online retailers are also a good resource for especially unique items, like designer lace up shoes for men or artesian shoes.

Another benefit to shopping online is the ability to match additional accessory items with your shoes. Most online retailers get their inventory from a single supplier, meaning the leathers and colors match well. You will no longer have to search everywhere for that perfect shade of belt to match your new exotic mens shoes. Consider matching additional accessory items such as men?s leather bags, laptop cases, leather jackets, and wallets. Some online retailers may even provide deep discounts on multiple order or large priced orders.

Care for the items you have
Extending the life of the shoes and additional accessories you have will give you longer between shops. However, you will find that luxury leather items tend to last longer than cheaply made shoes in big chain stores. You can reduce the amount you spend on your exotic mens shoes by properly caring for the items you have now. When you purchase new items, ensure you are protecting and cleaning them properly.

You can protect your exotic mens shoes by using high quality leather polish and water protectants. Shoe trees are also recommended to keep your shoes healthy. They help retain the shape of the shoe and will dry them out faster. There are two types of shoe trees, plastic and wooden. Plastic shoe trees are light weight and great for traveling. Wooden shoe trees are a better choice due to the wood?s ability to absorb the moisture and odor in the shoe.

Men usually have a harder time shopping. Women tend to be primary shoppers, with many retailers pushing women?s clothing and shoes. With the right amount of research and motivation, however, men can find luxury and exotic mens shoes too. Consider shopping at luxury retailers. Frequent men?s only retailers. Shop online for unique leather items and ensure that you are caring for your items to get the most out of them.

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