Floral Print Dresses Are So Timeless

Wrap dress

When the weather warms up and the sunny, breezy months of Spring and Summer come around, who doesn’t want to look their best in a fun, flirtatious sun dress? Certain colors, cuts and patterns go in and out of style every few years, but I don’t think anyone ever gets tired of a style like the classic floral print dress.

One of the great selling points of the floral print dress is that it can take many forms, meaning both in its design and in the details and look of the pattern itself. Since a floral print is by definition nothing more than a print that depicts flowers, the actual design and color scheme of the print can be as old fashioned or as modern as you could possibly want, could be realized in any color scheme, and can be either as “busy” and detailed, or as sparse and minimal as you desire.

Many more traditional floral print dresses will depict large, colorful blooms like roses, will be set on a white backdrop, and may not be perfectly symmetrical, as they’ll create a sense of composition by having thick bunches of blooms in one area and stems or open space in another. Another type of floral print dress might have a much “cooler” design with fewer colors and shades. One pattern that comes to mind is a a sparse arrangement of stylized white lilies on a black backdrop, symmetrically arranged almost like a tessellation. Which of these floral print dress patterns do you think would look most flattering on you?

The other good news is that a floral print dress can be cut in pretty much any style, be it a wrap dress, tent dress, even evening gowns. Pretty much any type of dress you can imagine could conceivably be realized as a floral print dress.


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