Freshwater Pearl Necklaces

Pearl necklaces

Every woman wants to own at least one pearl necklace to wear. Even though freshwater pearl necklaces are said to be of lower value than a cultured pearl necklace, the freshwater pearl necklaces can be just as lovely to own and wear. The actual pearls in freshwater pearl necklaces can be just about any shape when harvested and the pearls can be of various sizes. The most common shape of the pearls being used in freshwater pearl necklaces is the baroque shape. In fact, only about 2 percent of the fresh water pearls are round.

The best jewelers will focus on obtaining the roundest, cleanest and most lustrous pearls for their customers. Freshwater pearl necklaces can also range in color, from whites to pastel pinks to lavenders and dark purples. Fresh water pearls are mostly found in the waters in China and a few come from Japan. Sometimes you can find a freshwater pearl necklaces made of treated black pearls as well.

Women love wearing pearl jewelry. Not only are freshwater pearl necklaces popular, but so are pearl engagement rings and Tahitian pearl earrings, etc. Fresh water pearls are very popular, as are the cultured pearl necklaces you see in jewelry stores. Women who want a classic look can choose freshwater pearl necklaces that are 16 or 18 inches in length. Young girls and teenagers can also wear freshwater pearl necklaces, in shorter lengths of course. A popular size for the pearls would be 7.0 to 8.0 mm. Most professional women prefer the larger sized pearls in their freshwater pearl necklaces for a classic look.

One popular fresh water pearl line is the Freshadama collection. The Freshadama fresh water pearl are said to be some of the best freshwater pearls today. One of the best features about these fresh water pearls is their intense luster and shine. You can find these and other fresh water pearl jewelry in fine jewelry stores both on the internet and local jewelry stores today.

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