Here is a Brief Overview of Hair Extensions and How they Work

It’s estimated that around 68 percent of women are currently unhappy with their hair. Whether it’s because their hair is falling out, it’s too thin, or just the wrong “type,” many women are simply unsatisfied with how their hair looks and they’ll do just about anything to change it into something they do like. While one option is to grow hair out so it can be more easily manipulated by a hairdresser, hair only grows by around 1/2 inch per month on average. Since this works out to only about six inches of hair growth in a year, many women, understandably, aren’t willing to wait that long for their hair to get longer. This is where hair extensions come into play. This article will provide an overview of what hair extensions are and how they work to change the appearance of a woman’s hair.

While wigs date back thousands of years, and hair weaves were known as early as the 1950s, hair extensions as they’re currently known weren’t really invented until the 1980s, and have evolved into several different forms in the following decades. Unlike wigs, which cover the entire head, individual hair extensions are pieces of hair, sometimes synthetic, sometimes human, that are attached to the scalp in a variety of ways. For example, hand tied extensions are attached to the scalp by hand. The purpose of these hair extensions is to lengthen the existing hair, or make it appear thicker, or possibly to achieve both results at the same time.

Hair extensions can be added for several reasons. Many women just want their hair to look better in general. Other times, women will want to improve their hair for a special event, like a wedding. No matter the occasion, there are several ways to put in hair extensions. They can be put in at a special hair extensions salon, or you can buy hair extensions and put them in yourself. Keep in mind that putting in hair extensions yourself carries some risk, since if the extensions are put in incorrectly, it can cause further problems if they need to be taken out and reapplied.

As stated earlier, hair extensions can be made of a number of different materials. These include hair made from synthetic fibers of varying quality, or actual human hair donated by women all around the world. The quality of the hair used in the extensions will directly correlate to the price of the hair extensions; the higher the quality, the higher the cost.

In conclusion, hair extensions as we currently know them have existed since the 1980s. They are generally used to artificially lengthen or thicken a woman’s hair. They can also be used to create a multicolored effect in a person’s hair, since the hair extensions don’t necessarily have to match the natural color of the pre-existing hair. Hair extensions can be applied in hair salons or at home, and the costs will vary depending on the quality and amount of the hair extensions being put in. Thousands of women use hair extensions every year, and as long as women like changing their hair, there will be hair extensions available to be used.

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