How to Be Financial Responsible and Charitable

While many people possess a giving spirit, their checking account may disagree. Of course, ‘giving’ can mean many different acts. Yet it seems more often then not that the term is associated with monetary giving. Regardless of one’s finances, being charitable doesn’t need to mean only one form of generosity.

“Giving” can mean the giving of money, true, and yet it can just as easily gifts of one’s time, skills, or of one’s own personal items. Donating gently used items is a time-honored way to give to the needy without putting oneself in a precarious position.

What Impact Is Made When You Donate Clothing?

Donating used clothing can do more than give you more closet space, although that is a nice perk. Used clothing can be put to good use. Items might provide help for those who have very little, or the sale of those items might lead to revenue for a charitable organization, or they might just be used as rags for another project. No matter what way the items might be used, it is better than them ending up in a landfill.

Charitable Donations: Giving What You Can, When You Can.

Some people have trouble making ends meet. It can be difficult for them to fulfill their own financial obligations while still practicing a giving attitude. The simple solution is to remember that there are many ways to give.

Old clothing usually falls into two categories. First there are the items that are well-loved and show it. Secondly are the items that just don’t suit you anymore for one reason or another. While you personally would rather never be seen in shoulder pads outside of a themed costume party, it is likely that some use can be had from your outdated clothing items.

Who Benefits From Clothing Donations?

Of all the clothing donated to various charities, it is estimated that about 80% is used to help those in need, either directly or by raising funds through selling the clothing. This fact is important to note because many people keep themselves from donating, because they falsely assume that their old unstylish clothes couldn’t possibly be of any use. Just remember that so long as the garment is not ripped to shreds or stained, it can be useful to someone in some way.

One specific portion of society benefits from clothing donations, and that is military families. In fact, military families frequently benefit from donations of many different kinds, not just used clothing. You might wonder why military families would need donations. The reason has to do with unemployment rate for veterans is predicted to be about 2% higher than that of the national average.

Keeping Textiles Out of the Trash Heap Is a Smart Ecological Move.

It is estimated that the average adult throws away nearly 82 pounds of textiles every year. Waste is a huge problem in the world. Throwing away clothing that is perfectly usable is irresponsible. Textiles can take a long time to break down in the soil. Items could clearly be put to better use if they were simply packed off to a charity instead of thrown in the garbage bin.

All too often we most closely associate charitable acts with money. The truth is that charity can be expressed in many forms. Gifts of our time, of our personal items, and yes money are all ways in which to practice generous giving. If you find yourself wanting to give back, consider donating your excess gently used clothing instead.

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