How to Find the Best Cowboy Hats for Your Budget and Lifestyle

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Throughout the world, most countries have one piece of American style that’s recognizable anywhere: the cowboy hat. Cowboy hats, like other types of western fashion, originated in the 1800s and were primarily worn by western ranchers and others who worked labor intensive jobs in the outdoors. These western style hats are designed to keep the sun out of your eyes, protect your head, and provide a great accessory for just about any occasion.

If you’re looking for the best cowboy hats available, you can use these three categories as your guide to finding the right style for you.


While some take the price of the hat as a sign of quality, there is actually more to the best cowboy hats than how much they cost. For example, some companies will rate the quality of their hats with a number followed by an “X.” The higher the number, the higher quality the hat is — in some cases. In others, the number is arbitrary. Most cowboy hats are made from felt (usually beaver or rabbit fur) or from straw or leather. When buying a hat, make sure that the material looks nice and not cheap, that the stitching is well done, and that the hat fits properly. A well-made, well-fitting hat will be the best quality cowboy hat for you, regardless of the cost.


Cowboy hats can vary just as much as the people who like to wear them. Where some western wear fans will prefer a more subdued look for work or everyday activities, others like to have as much flair as possible in their personal style. Cowboy hats are available in all different colors and materials, and even those that are more neutral colored may be decorate with a band or other accessories that can reflect your style.


The cost for the best cowboy hats for sale often depends on their brand name and where they are being sold. Western wear suppliers will often have the top brand names in cowboy hats and other western fashion accessories, so be sure to check there first. You’re bound to get something more authentic from a western wear company than by a shop that sells all different types of clothing.

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