How to Settle on Where to Rent Table Linens for Your Wedding

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Anyone that has or will plan a wedding can attest to the monumental scale of each detail. When those details come together however, all of the stress goes away and everything is perfect in that moment. Until the bill comes that is! 18,000 American couples surveyed by the Real Weddings Survey puts the national average cost of a wedding at $26,984 dollars in 2010. A later survey done in 2013 suggests that the average amount spent per wedding guest was nearly $200 a person! Everyone wants a wedding, but no one should have to spend that much to make it happen. That’s why important little details like where to rent table linens can make all the difference when planning your big day.

No Fuss, No Mess

If you’re anything like me, you have trouble relaxing at a party because you dread the clean-up. The day of your wedding should be the one time in your life that you are treated like royalty! Finding the right company for your tablecloth rentals can take away from the stress of clean-up time. Most wedding linen rentals include a policy to protect you, the customer, from paying for stains on the linens like food, drink, or candle wax; naturally the company will pick up and clean the linens after the even so you don’t have to!

Colors, Textures, and Styles to Match Any Theme
Rental linens come in a variety of styles to fit with whatever atmosphere you’re trying to pull off on your big day. Colors like pink, gold, and neutral tones can help to create a vintage, traditional look while pastel colors pop out to create a chic and stylish wedding theme. Linens can have a variety of patterns like chevron, zig-zags, and checkered looks, plus textures in petal, rosette, or lace designs to give you total customization. Your guests are going to be spending a lot of time at their table during the reception, play around with design elements like flowers, linens, and glassware to create entertaining and beautiful centerpieces.

Questions You Should Ask Yourself
Before deciding on where to rent table linens, one should have a general idea of guest count and table dimensions. This can help ensure that the linens rental company will have everything you’ll need for your event. It helps if you go already have a theme or color set in mind before settling on where to rent table linens. Last, but not least, don’t be afraid to shop around. This is your wedding, own it!

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