How To Use The Color Wheel To Make A Great Outfit

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Personal style isn’t only about looking good. It’s about making a good first impression. First impressions, according to psychological studies, are made within the first 17 seconds of meeting someone and up to 55% of that judgment is made from a person’s appearance.

Therefore, to make a good impression it’s important to dress well and to coordinate your colors. But how can you coordinate you colors if you’re not sure which colors should go together in mens clothing? The answer lies with the color wheel.

Using the color wheel to find your style

Coordinating colors with mens clothing becomes easy once you learn how to base your judgement on the color wheel. Colors that are on opposite sides of the color wheel, called complimentary colors, contrast nicely together without looking terrible. For instance, you can wear any combination of primary colors together: blue with red, red with yellow, yellow with blue, or all three together.

Triad colors

Primary colors are also known as triad colors, or three colors that are all equidistant on the color wheel. You can follow triad colors all around the wheel to find interesting color combinations that go well together. For instance, light green, soft orange, and navy blue may sound terrible on paper but in person it can create a very interesting and eclectic look.

Complementary colors

If three colors are too much for your outfit, stick to complementary colors for a classic contrasting look. Complementary colors are colors that are directly across from each other on the color wheel. Complimentary colors give the most contrast, so if you’re looking to stand out complimentary colors should be your go-to choice for your outfit.

Analogous colors

Analogous colors are colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. These types of colors are more subtle and work better for mens clothing with layers. For instance, tailored suits with a bright orange collared shirt, a light orange vest, and tan jacket or dress pants looks classy and simple. Analogous colors also work well with complimentary colors if you want a softer look. For instance, if you want to wear red with green, but don’t like how loud the colors are, you can head for an analogous color and pair red with teal instead. You can also make colors softer by pairing them with neutrals such as gray trousers or tan vest.

Fashion is important to making a good impression, which is often why custom suits are tailored to their wearer’s body. By knowing classic color combinations based on the color wheel, you can begin making great fashion choices to get your sense of style started.

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