Is Shopping Online Safe?

Safe shop online

Is it secure to shop online?

Many have been asking the ‘Is it secure to shop online’ question since the inception of the internet and online shopping. Safe Online Shopping has been promoted by every retailer all over the world. With warning messages displayed as an online safety guide as well as safe shopping online tips for shoppers to read before typing credit card info in, we must pause to wonder ‘Is it secure to shop online?’ This question has been at the forefront of online shoppers as they wonder if saving time and a trip to the mall is really worth it. The secure internet shopping experience is a myth according to many, yet many fail to see the consequences of credit card information floating in cyberspace until it is too late.

Sadly, there is no way to safe shop online. We must trust that the retailer we are purchasing from will provide a secure transactional experience. ‘Is it secure to shop online for any product?’ one may ask. What specifically we shop for is at the forefront of the over decade old question of ‘Is it secure to shop online?’

Is it secure to shop online for inexpensive appliances and clothing items? Many would say yes since these purchases are so every day. Is it secure to shop online for expensive electronics? Probably not is the feeling that many go with. Many conclude this because many online thieves gravitate towards those who are interested in technology and regularly purchase technology and software products because quite often these are big purchases and therefore the buyer must sustain a high credit limit on their credit cards. The combination of a high credit limit and a regular history of electronic purchasing will make them a desirable target. If we limit our online shopping habits to a minimum and to items that do not strike an alert to an online thief, then we should be fine. If fear still looms, then order in store and keep regular tabs on your credit card statement and credit score.

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