Know These Secret Tricks to Buying a Used Car

If you don’t have much experience shopping for a used car, the process can seem daunting. When you call the owner, what should you ask them? How do you figure out what a car is worth? What should you be offering to start with? Whether you’re buying from a used car dealer or an independent owner, this video can help you prepare.

When calling the phone number posted on the car, don’t specify what type of car you’re calling about.

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This way, you can find out whether the seller is selling more than one car. If they are, then they might be a professional. Alternatively, if they know exactly which car you mean, you can infer they’re selling the car personally. You can also ask the seller why they’re selling the car. Many people decide to upgrade and sell a car that doesn’t particularly have anything wrong with it. Be sure to ask specifically about any check engine lights that might be on.

Even if the price is listed on the car, ask the seller what their price is directly. They might give you a lower price on the phone, especially if the car has been sitting with the sign on it for a while.


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