Not Just for Kids 3 Awesome Benefits of Fitted Pajamas

Onesie pajamas adults

There is a lot to be said about babies having the life. Who wouldn’t want to be fed, be held, be able to cry, and be allowed to sleep exactly when and where you want? It’s a pretty impressive deal.

And the closes are amazing. Forget about the cute, frilly dresses or mini-sized high-top sneakers. The onsie pajama is essentially a necessity for children. For babies, onsies pajamas prove extremely versatile — they’re great for sleeping, crawling, just lounging around — and they come in unlimited colors, designs and materials. Footed pajamas for babies are especially appealing, considering the comfort and warmth they provide.

According to research, on average, babies sleep 14 to 17 hours a day. Older Americans sleep an average of eight and a half hours a night. Considering babies often wear pajama onsies, it’s easy to assume that the garment has a positive affect on sleeping habits.

Fortunately, the footed pajama isn’t just just babies and children anymore. The adult footed pajama is taking the (sleeping) world by storm. And here are 3 Awesome Benefits of footed adult pajamas kids of all ages should try a pair out.

Comfort, Comfort and More Comfort

For adult women and men footed pajamas may seem an unlikely bedtime option, but, really, what’s better than snuggling up and getting cozy at night? By wearing footed pajamas adults can get that cozy feeling simply by slipping on a set of pjs. Adult pajama onsies are an effortless sleepwear choice. And if you’re worried about what your partner may think: don’t. Surveys show that 84% of people say sharing a bed doesn’t affect what they wear to sleep. You’re partner would probably love to snuggle together while in their own set of adult footed pajamas!


For many people, the cold is a vicious for when it comes to trying to sleep. It’s just not possible to fall into a peaceful slumber when your toes are ice cold or the room is too chilly. Adult footed pajamas solve this problem. Few things feel more soothing than being completely cocooned in fabric from head to toe. Footed adult pajamas make slipping under the covers even more warm and inviting.

Conversely, say you get too warm wrapped up in sheets and blankets all night. Ditch all the bulk and through on a pair of footed pajamas. One simple article of clothing with provide all the warmth you do need without being so restrictive.

Express Yourself!

The average household in the U.S. spends 3.8% of their yearly income on clothing. Why? For starters, clothes are a necessity. In addition, clothing is an obvious method of showcasing a person’s personality and style. Like their children’s counterparts, both women and men footed pajamas come in a slew of colors, designs, fits and styles. Do you want to dress up in like your favorite animal or super hero? Chances are there’s a onsie pajama set out there with your name on it. (Sidenote: Footed pajamas make an excellent costume idea.)

Whether for children, women or men footed pajamas make an excellent gift option, so go out and get a pair now.

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