Six Unique Ideas for Engagement Rings

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If you’re in the market for engagement or wedding rings, it’s important to research how to buy jewelery. It’s not something you do everyday and there’s a lot to know about purchasing fine diamonds. It is a good idea to make sure the bride’s and groom’s rings look good together; imagine an art deco sapphire ring for the bride with one of the many mens platinum engagement rings for the groom. It takes a lot of time to decide what you want in an engagement ring, and one of the best ways to get ideas is by looking at what other people have done. Here’s a list of some wild, over-the-top, and unexpected rings that are sure to get your attention.

    1. Disney-themed engagement rings
    Belle from Beauty and the Beast had a beautiful yellow gold ring with rubies and sapphires, and this ring has caught the eye of many brides. It’s an interesting design that will definitely get you noticed, and incorporating a Disney movie gives a playful feel to the ring.

    2. Kate Middleton’s sapphire and diamond ring
    This ring belonged to Prince William’s mother, Princess Diana. It has all the qualities of a royal ring and boasts an impressive 18 carats!

    3. A set of three rings
    One engagement ring is traditional, but why not spread the love and get three smaller rings that go together? If you think you’re interested, consider getting three thin bands for her, and three matching mens platinum engagement rings — rocking similar styles will show the world you’re truly committed.

    4. Vintage diamond engagement rings
    It’s easy to pick your favorite design and have it made, but it’s a whole new adventure to search for your favorite style by scoping out vintage jewelery shops and finding the right ring for you. If you’re not a fan of thrifting, you can choose an antique design you love, and have it made to suit your taste. Diamonds have been a key feature of American engagement rings since the 1950s, so you have years and years of styles to browse.

    5. Rare, colored diamond rings
    Red and blue are the rarest colors of diamonds, and if you’re fascinated by things that are hard to find, this is the choice for you.

    6. Non-diamond engagement rings
    Americans spend, on average, over $5,000 on a single engagement ring. This is a lot of money, and it’s not always necessary to break the bank in order to show your love. If you look around, you’re sure to find cheap platinum rings for women and men that will still express your everlasting love and commitment.

Do you have experience with mens platinum engagement rings? Have you recently purchased engagement rings for him or her and have any advice for first time buyers? If so, please tell us about your experience in the comments below.