Skin Care Routine 101 Chemical Peels, Laser Hair Removal, and Microdermabrasion

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There is nothing more important that taking care of your confidence. Yes, you read that right. Taking care of yourself is a lifelong task that doesn?t end, but confidence- the high regard we feel about ourselves- that special piece that gives us the electric jolt to start and finish the day strong deserves the utmost care. Specialized skin care routines give men and women just that. Improved skin appearance and unwanted hair removal are the results of such specialized skin care processes like chemical peels, laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, botox, and mole removal.

As we age, dead skin cells don?t leave our skin as easily as when we were younger. Our skin?s smooth, bright layers are hidden underneath that stubborn top layer. This cosmetic procedure requires no sedation, no special preparation ahead of time, and no lengthy recovery time. Because the chemical peel causes the skin?s top layers to slough off and reveal the youthful glow underneath, sun sensitivity will occur for 24-48 hours after the procedure. Here are some key benefits to chemical peels:

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth
  • Fades scars, spots, freckles, and dark patches
  • Improves the overall texture and complexion of the skin areas treated

      Laser hair removal is one of the most successful procedures in cosmetic dermatology today, with 97% of women being satisfied with their overall results following sessions of the procedure. Studies show that most patients see total results of permanent hair loss after 3 to 8 sessions. The precision of the process is one of its greatest benefits. Whether your hair is fine or coarse, the laser penetrates into the root of the hair shaft where the pigment itself absorbs the light. This absorption is what destroys the hair. When preparing for laser hair removal, avoid plucking, waxing, and sun exposure for six weeks prior to the procedure.

      Microdermabrasion, similar to chemical peels, removes the outer layer of rough, dead skin that leave the surface dull. It helps to thicken your collagen, resulting in a younger appearance and evened complexion. Instead of applying a chemical to your skin, a minimally invasive sanding tool is used to exfoliate the skin?s surface to reveal the beauty underneath.

      Giving yourself the gift of confidence over and over again is the impetus for youthful living. True confidence has no age limit, no restriction on what is acceptable. Your skin is the first thing people see when they look at you. There?s no reason not to go the extra mile to make it as smooth, bright, and glowing as it could and should be.

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