Stop Dealing with Wallets That Are Not Coin Friendly

The Fashion and Apparel Industry Report states that worldwide revenue is expected to increase for the industry within the next four years. What started out as a $481.2 billion industry in 2018 is slated to increase to $712.9 billion by 2022. What does this mean for the way men currently carry cash, i.e. their wallet? It means fashion is going to meet function in ways that make carrying a wallet safer, easier and more enjoyable. Especially for men who dislike dealing with a lot of loose change using wallets that don’t allow room for many coins. A wallet that holds coins in an effective manner is the answer.

Carry a Wallet That Is Both Unique and Valuable

A wallet, is a wallet, is a wallet, right? No. Actually nothing could be further from the truth. Men’s apparel does not always allow for a thick wallet to bulge pockets and make them impossible to use for anything else again. Have you ever tried carrying a thick wallet in your suit jacket or any jacket? Perhaps you have been stuck not putting necessary items in your wallet because you don’t like carrying a thick, heavy wallet.

Today, wallets are being created that are an improvement on a much-needed men’s accessory. This is especially true when considering what it’s like trying to carry loose coin. You need a wallet that holds coins yet still remains an easy access wallet. Innovative wallet designs can do that and much more while offering a super thin wallet design. Add a few additional features when you build your own wallet and the wallet of your dreams is in your future!

Use Wallets Designed with Innovation in Mind

Does being a leader in the wallet revolution sound like something you would like to do? Your pocket revolution awaits giving you the ability to carry precisely what you need with a choice of finishes and options such as money clips and coin holders. Expert designs have left nothing behind even when designing minimalist wallets that hold cash.

Purchase a Wallet That Holds Coins

It is essential that you are able to carry a wallet that holds coins. Not many wallets are actually created with this aspect in mind. Avantgarde wallets are being manufactured with slim coin compartments that hold coins up to 2.8mm thick. A simple lever operated by your thumb opens a door that allows for coins, spare keys, USB drives and SD cards to easily be stored and carried. Say goodbye to the bulging wallet and hello to a wallet that holds coins conveniently.

Store Cash Securely with a Money Clip

Do you know what keeps cash secure while you carry it? A light, strong money clip made of grade 5 titanium. Where would you like said money clip to be? Yes, you have a choice when it comes to adding a clip to your wallet yourself. Kits come with the necessary screws and clip to install on either the back or front side of a wallet, all in an anodized finish of either gold, black or blue.

The Future of Men’s Wallets Offers Customization Options

Have you ever wanted to customize a wallet to fit your exact preferences and needs? Now you can! Choose from different carbon fiber and aluminum colors when designing wallets of different sizes to suit your needs. Choose from options such as money clips, coin compartments, thin designs, ultra-thin designs, credit car fan wallets and more. The wallet of your dreams is waiting to be customized so you enjoy a safe and unique way to carry all of your personal essentials, cash and coin.

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