Summertime Style: How To Wear a Seersucker Suit

dressing well is an investment

dressing well is an investmentMost men know that dressing well is an investment. That’s why it’s key to invest in custom tailored clothing. After all, there’s no better way to make a good impression than a high-quality ensemble that fits you well. But it’s important to note that even the finest mens suits don’t have to be boring. Made to measure clothing will not only be customized specifically for your features but can also express your unique sense of style. Now that it’s summertime, you can break up the monotony of your dark-colored jackets and trousers with a material that’s both exciting and beloved: seersucker.

It’s understandable that some people might be intimidated by this fabric, but there’s no need to be. Even if you aren’t a particularly adventurous dresser, there are some easy ways to incorporate this lightweight, distinctive fabric into your regular outfits. But first, a little background.

What is seersucker?
Traditionally, you might picture vertical navy stripes on a white background. But the colors and pattern aren’t actually what categorize jackets or shorts as being seersucker. It’s actually the type of fabric, which is usually 100% cotton and woven to create a puckered effect, that gives a garment this distinction. So while dark stripes are characteristic, they aren’t the only option. Seersucker also comes in a variety of colors (including pastels) and patterns (like plaid or gingham).

Above all else, a seersucker suit is known for the comfort it provides during the summer months. It’s an extremely breathable fabric and allows for more air circulation, which means you’ll feel a lot cooler when it’s hot outside. And while seersucker suits are typically worn between Memorial Day and Labor Day, this rule isn’t a steadfast one — particularly in the south.

How to wear a seersucker suit
It might be a bit of a change for you, but virtually anyone can wear a seersucker suit, or at least separate elements of one. Switching up your wardrobe is never a bad idea, especially during the summer months. Not only will you be more comfortable in seersucker, but it’s a versatile option that can be worn in all kinds of situations. That means that with seersucker, dressing well is an investment that can really pay off. Here are a few ways to style it.

  • At the office: You might think that a seersucker suit is too loud or casual for your workplace, but that often isn’t the case. Of course, if you work in a very conservative atmosphere, you might want to steer away from a full seersucker suit in a pastel pink. But there are plenty of seersucker options available in darker colors and patterns to allow for maximum comfort in a traditional office. That said, half of senior managers interviews in a survey said their workers wear less formal clothing than they did five years ago. So if your employer allows casual business wear, why not invest in something a little more debonair?
  • On vacation: You don’t always have to wear your seersucker suit as a full ensemble. Breaking up the pieces can be a great way to look put-together on the go and get more longevity out of your wardrobe. You’ll have less to pack and be more comfortable in hot and humid temperatures, yet you won’t have to risk looking too casual for a nice meal. Wear the jacket over a casual polo shirt or pair your seersucker shorts with a nice tee or casual button-down during your getaway.
  • At special events: Dressing well is an investment not just at corporate events but at personal ones, too. During wedding season, seersucker suits are optimal for those who want to express their distinctive style without being totally outlandish, especially during someone else’s special day. Wear the full suit with a fun bow tie or pair the jacket with dark trousers for a different look. You’ll be especially glad you did if the event is outdoors!

If you’re looking to add something unique yet professional to your wardrobe this summer, seersucker may be the way to go. But remember that dressing well is an investment only if your clothing fits you well. Contact your tailor to find out about creating a custom look you’ll love.

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